My first post!

Whilst enjoying a glass of champagne in the opulent setting of  Daniel Galmiche’s The Vineyard at Stockcross, my sister in law was listening to my expert opinion on the difference between champagne and sparkling wine and how to tell the difference between the two, when came the simple but thought-provoking suggestion “why don’t you start a blog”? Something I had never considered because who wants to hear my ramblings on food & wine, I ‘m just a stay at home mum who apart from the fact I’m not in the workplace earning I love nothing better than to spend my hubby’s hard-earned on a lavish lunch with friends? My sister in law incidentally is the Marketing Director and Head of Digital at Duncan Baird Publishers so I took her suggestion and advice on how to begin very seriously! I have always loved food, not just eating  but the art of creation and flavor. Not that I ever wanted to be a chef  but more of a critic, the love of tasting food and then having the pleasure of telling the chef whether or not is was crap! I first tasted excellent cooking at the age of eighteen when I experienced my first posh restaurant, up until then it was Chinese or the pub for a meal!  It was a rare eye fillet on a bed of sweet potato mash with a few asparagus spears drizzled with a Stilton sauce, that was more than twenty years ago and I still rate that meal one of the best!  The passion for wine  and champagne came a little later in  the better part of my twenties , I experienced my first winery and cellar door, Hickinbotham on the Mornington Peninsula, I hadn’t understood wine until that day, oh and I got a bit too sozzled and fell asleep on the bus home, great day! Ever since I have loved to drink good wine and along with the expert tutelage of my hubby I now know how to appreciate good wine and how to recognize one including all the wonderful flavors and aromas only a good wine can offer.

So what’s my blog going to be about, food and wine obviously , I hope that I can offer some good advice anything from the best bottles on the market under $15 or the latest restaurant I have visited.  These days I am a master chef  in my own kitchen,  so along with pictures and constructive criticism I will try to recreate something special from the 100 plus cookbooks hiding in my cupboard, newly published ones  and of course my own creations.



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