Leftover pasta with mushrooms, mortadella & red onion!

Not sure about you but I always cook too much pasta and usually on purpose because there is always something you can do with it,  freeze it in small portions and add to the kid’s meal as side dish, give it to the dogs with some veggies or my preferred option, whip up something fabulous for lunch. You can add just about anything to leftover pasta and it’ll taste great!

I start by melting a little butter in large frypan or wok, add some crushed garlic, some dried basil or oregano otherwise add fresh herbs last, white or red onion now or spring onions later. Sweat them down and there is a good base for whatever is in the fridge or pantry, obviously if you are not a butter fan use a good olive oil as it’s just as delicious. My favorite is the one pictured above, firstly I throw in a few sliced mushrooms, obviously you can use whole buttons or Swiss browns for a stronger flavor. Cook them for a few minutes until soft, then add some Mortadella, it’s  a processed luncheon meat available from the deli at most supermarkets, it’s Italian and is quite garlicky if that’s a word? Stir through some spring onions, salt and pepper to taste and finish with some fresh grated  or shaved Parmesan….oh my it really is a mouth watering lunch.

Compliment prosciutto with some cherry tomatoes and some fresh basil or what about some diced or shredded ham with a handful of frozen peas. Salami with sundried tomatoes and some olives, chicken and avocado or chicken with some basil or rocket pesto and a handful of pine nuts, the options are endless. Always add some fresh shaved or grated Parmesan, Reggio or Romano cheese as nothing finishes a pasta dish better.

All this is in my fridge right now!

Garlic bread is a great accompaniment to pasta too so why not use some bread that’s a day or so old, if you don’t want to give it to the birds or make croutons or crumbs, make garlic or herb bread. With  a stick blender mix 100g softened butter, 1 tsp crushed garlic or a couple of cloves and some fresh parsley or basil, spread evenly onto sliced loaf or if you have some rolls, microwave for about 20 seconds to soften,  put two or three cuts into the top taking care not cut all the way through the bread roll and spread garlic butter mix into the cuts and place sliced loaf or rolls into a  preheated oven for about 5 minutes  at about 180°c or until golden brown. Another idea for a yummy butter is add some basil or chives with some sun-dried tomatoes and blend with butter good for just everyday spreading or as an alternative to garlic & herb butter.

Chicken, mushrooms, tomatoes and fresh basil with leftover rollini.

Serve hot with your fabulous  pasta dish and a cheeky little glass of  Pinot Noir or a Syrah,  after all it is only lunchtime……cheers!


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