The Capel!

I have been to The Capel  a few times and for reasons unknown this restaurant and bar has changed hands too many times,  maybe too many for it to establish itself as a good local spot, but the current owners have been there a while now and even though they appeared to be struggling with getting bums on seats off … More The Capel!

Lemon and Garlic Spatchcock with Potato Gratin!

 “Spatchcock” is the traditional word for the French term “Poussin”, a juvenile chicken. Poussin or Spatchcock were generally butterflied in preparation for faster cooking, hence in modern English the word has come to refer to both the bird and the manner in which it was traditionally prepared. That said I have never cooked Spatchcock before so this … More Lemon and Garlic Spatchcock with Potato Gratin!


Making your own healthy delicious pizzas at home is one of my favorite things to do! All you need is a pizza stone or a large flat tray for the oven and some beautiful fresh toppings. Also this is a fantastic way to entertain the kids if you have them that is, watching them create their own mess, oops … More Pizza!!!