Making your own healthy delicious pizzas at home is one of my favorite things to do! All you need is a pizza stone or a large flat tray for the oven and some beautiful fresh toppings. Also this is a fantastic way to entertain the kids if you have them that is, watching them create their own mess, oops I mean pizza and devouring them afterwards, the pizzas, not the kids.

photo (11)
Delicious fresh ingredients!

Preheat the oven to 200º c, with pizza you want that lovely crunchy crust and no soggy bottoms, this is where a pizza stone comes into it’s own, well worth it and cheap as chips, you could pick one up from K-mart for about $20.oo. To start you need to choose a base for your pizza, home made, ready made, thick crust, thin crust, the choices are endless! I prefer white or wholemeal Lebanese bread, it’s a pocket style bread and quite thin so it doesn’t distract from the flavor of the toppings and it costs about $1.50 for a packet of six, good value. The next decision to make is will you use a tomato base such as a paste, a prepared pizza sauce or any sauce really? Using a little crushed garlic by spreading thinly over the bread or dough is really yummy if you top with just a few cheese like mozzarella and grated Parmesan, once cooked drizzle some olive oil over the pizza and season with salt and fresh cracked pepper. Now comes the creative part…the toppings! You can pretty much use any combination of your favorite ingredients and it will be fabulous as long your produce is fresh and good quality. On this occasion I am making three, a  BBQ chicken, a prawn and a chicken with veggies. The prawn pizza is simple and so yummy, using tomato paste spread thinly over the base,add fifteen completely shelled medium sized prawns and  eight halved cherry tomatoes, followed by a sprinkle of fresh parsley from your garden if you grow herbs and then a light covering of grated cheese, in this case I am using Parmesan and grated cheddar. Once cooked you can add rocket or avocado, I have added a sprinkle of home grown radish sprouts…..delicious!!!

photo (12)
Prawn pizza!

Next we have the chicken pizzas, on the first pizza spread BBQ sauce over the base and add chicken which has been browned in a fry pan beforehand and cover with mozzarella. The third pizza has a tomato paste base, chicken, sliced button mushrooms, red onion and red capsicum also covered with mozzarella, these are all very simple but very popular with fussy little munchkins. Place them in the oven one at a time and cook for about 12 minutes each, depending on toppings some may require up to 15 minutes. Choosing to make your pizzas at home instead of take away means they are they are fresh and healthy provided you choose the right ingredients, also they are fun to make and way cheaper than popping down to  the local  pizza restaurant. It’s important too in teaching our young ones the importance of home cooking and growing, we don’t need another generation of overweight kids or families that live on take away. There is nothing more rewarding than growing and cooking your own fresh produce grown right there in your garden.

I’m off to enjoy my pizzas now……cheers!


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