Prawn & Pea Pasta!

I love pasta for lunch, I love it anytime but a delicious fresh pasta dish for lunch is perfect. Usually this is created with whatever is in the fridge, I found some peas and prawns in the freezer so that was that! What you will need……… 250 g Rollini or similar knob of butter 2 … More Prawn & Pea Pasta!

Orange Cake!

There is always time for cake and there is nothing like keeping kids entertained on a rainy Sunday afternoon than helping to make that cake, except for the instant regret when there is flour everywhere and yucky sticky fingers in the cake mix and egg shells crushed all over the place and they start fighting … More Orange Cake!

Slow cooked lamb shanks in vegetable broth!

Is there anything  more heartwarming than a slow cooked dish on a cold winter’s day? Well, actually soup is pretty good for that and ah casseroles and um pies….anyway, slow cooked  lamb shanks is my favorite of all the slow cooked meals I have created, I have used recipe bases from the supermarket but I just think using basic … More Slow cooked lamb shanks in vegetable broth!

Salt & Pepper Quail!

Well, I have titled this post as just salt and pepper quail  but it’s much more than that, there are 3 recipes attached to this yummy little dinner! I have to admit it,  I love the “quick sale” meat section at the supermarket, usually I like to build a recipe around what I can find in there. … More Salt & Pepper Quail!