From my oven………

I never been a fan of baking but recently I am loving it probably because I am getting better at it!  Here’s a few of my favorites…..enjoy!

photo (49)
Crusty white cob loaf!
Sausage rolls!
photo (16)
Crunchy pita chips!
Zucchini slice!
Zucchini slice!
photo (10)
Lemon tart!
Apple & cinnamon muffins!
photo (8)
Homemade vanilla bean ice cream! (obviously not baked but I did make form scratch)
photo (9)
Good old Aussie lamingtons!
photo (12)
Orange & poppy seed cake with orange syrup!
Bacon wrapped chicken loaf!
Flower cake!
Braised lamb parcel!
Braised lamb parcel!
Chocolate & coconut cake!
Chocolate & coconut cake!
Banana & cinnamon muffins!
photo (6)
Soy & linseed multi-grain cob!
photo (6)
Hundreds & thousands chocolate cake pops!
photo (7)
Disco balls!

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