From the water……

I love cooking and creating especially with ingredients that I have grown or caught,  I also love to photograph my dishes  so I thought you might want to see some that I haven’t told you about yet!

I hope you like these little dishes from the sea……….enjoy!

King prawns with avocado salsa!
Seafood pizza on homemade base!
A little seafood platter!
A little seafood platter!

537678_423572971046016_1492232581_nSeafood pasta with cherry tomatoes!

Freshly picked baby clams!
Baby clams in white wine sauce!
Baby clams in white wine sauce!
Shrimp cocktail!
photo (54)
Calamari with fried rice and greens!
Linguine Marinara!
A seafood platter
A seafood platter
My version of fish and chips!
My version of fish and chips!
A simple fresh lunch!
A simple fresh lunch!
ingredients for nori rolls!
ingredients for nori rolls!
Salmon with herb sauce!
Asian style mussels with greens!
photo (36)
Crystal king prawns!
photo (55)
Prawn stir fry!
Whole smoked trout!
Smoked trout and kale pasta!


That’s it…….. for now!


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