Salt & Pepper Quail!

It's all food & wine to me.....

photo (31)Well, I have titled this post as just salt and pepper quail  but it’s much more than that, there are 3 recipes attached to this yummy little dinner! I have to admit it,  I love the “quick sale” meat section at the supermarket, usually I like to build a recipe around what I can find in there. Unfortunately this section can be a little hit and miss, usually sausages and hamburgers but sometimes you can be lucky, spatchcock, lamb rib-lets, kangaroo, marinated butterflied lamb, whole quail and quail breasts. Upon finding some yummy little breasts I needed some guidance with cooking them, is an awesome place to source information and recipes for game birds, this is where I found the recipe for salt & pepper squid with aioli. The other components that I have paired with the quail are quinoa salad and simple steamed vegetables.

What you’ll need……………


3/4 cup mayonnaise (ingredient list and recipe for homemade…

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