Slow cooked lamb shanks in vegetable broth!

It's all food & wine to me.....

photo (1)Is there anything  more heartwarming than a slow cooked dish on a cold winter’s day? Well, actually soup is pretty good for that and ah casseroles and um pies….anyway, slow cooked  lamb shanks is my favorite of all the slow cooked meals I have created, I have used recipe bases from the supermarket but I just think using basic fresh ingredients is better, much better. My mum used to cook shanks in a pearl barley broth when I was a kid and I loved grabbing hold of that sticky warm shank by the bone and watch that tender succulent meat just fall off,  nothing’s changed except these days we have slow cookers whereas in my mum’s day it was in a big pot on the stove or a pressure cooker, this is a variation of my mum’s original recipe, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

What you’ll need…….

4 – 6 lamb shanks

½ cup…

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