My other job!

Crispy filo basket, Asian salad and seared scallop!

I’ve been a little busy.

After going a little stir crazy one week late last year  I decided that I needed something for myself. So on the advice of my husband the decision was made, I am the newest addition to the Sorrento Golf Club kitchen! I have never worked in a professional kitchen before so this was going to be interesting and truth be told I was pooing my pants a bit, I hadn’t worked outside the home for 4 years! As you know I love to cook, I love to create and I love growing my own produce but I have no qualifications or experience in cooking apart from the internet, books and an insatiable passion for food, this next step sort of made sense. The club does not have an open restaurant as such, it’s a member’s only affair which consists of daily golfers taking advantage of the terrace bar sandwiches, wedges, pizza, fish & chips, piadinas, you get the drift. Then there are the organised functions which are little more involved, like the one last Saturday. A gala ball for 210 people, canapes and 3 course plated dinner…..massive!

Soft centred chocolate tart- basil, menthol, viola, lemon gel

The kitchen team at SGC are Steve, Adrian & Tyler, my fellow kitchen-hands, the chefs pictured below, Floyd and Paddy the apprentices, Storm the Sous Chef (second from left) and Head Chef Michael Demagistris (far right) his name is probably familiar to those who watched Australia’s first season of Masterchef, The Professionals, he came fourth! Michael is a very talented chef as you can see with just two of his many beautiful dishes, he has an unwavering passion to share his love of cooking which is why it was an easy choice for me. Being the only girl in the kitchen is interesting but I had a clue what I was in  for, but now that I have a new source of inspiration I will pass on all the new and exciting foodie things I learn and make and taste and experiment with. I can’t wait to start sharing and simplifying for the home cook because there’s a few of us, we want easy and quick but we want tasty and healthy too! Cheers……

Photo by Dominique Cherry

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