Beef kofta with tomato & mint quinoa salad!

It's all food & wine to me.....

photo (14)

This is not my recipe! It belongs to a clever cook/chef named Emma Braz  who had shared this awesome recipe on,  I took one look and knew I had to recreate this great simple dish, using some home grown produce –  coriander, spinach, mint and parsley! My hubby is the best guinea pig he will try anything I cook and I know when he doesn’t like something, the response is “no it’s nice” and he warned me that if he ever says nice it pretty much means don’t give me that again! In my defense his usual comments are “killer”  or awesome” or gorgeous” you get the drift. Kids on the other hand are a little more difficult  the boy won’t even sniff something new, I have to serve it up about twenty times before he’ll consider it OK. The girl is much more adventurous, she’ll try anything once to her credit and usually she’ll eat whatever I put down. Not quinoa, no matter how I serve it they wont eat…

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