It's all food & wine to me.....

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Don’t you just love calamari, this versatile seafood has always been a popular choice for starters and main meals in pubs and restaurants for years. Fried, crumbed, stir fried, sauteed, salt & pepper style or on pizza or in a pasta, we love it. I regularly have some in the freezer as it’s super cheap, supermarket delis sell squid rings cleaned and prepared for about $10.99 kg! I seem to be on an Asian theme with vegetables at the moment which is probably because I want to lose about 10 kilos, I cook all day long sometimes, a nibble here, a nibble there, makes for a slightly overweight foodie.  Most of my ingredients are low in fat and low GI, also I cook as close to natural as possible and you may have noticed I am not a fan of processed products except maybe pasta, rice and some breads but meat, fish, seafood and grown unprocessed products are…

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