Lemon and Garlic Spatchcock with Potato Gratin!

It's all food & wine to me.....

photo (13) Successfully butterflied!

 “Spatchcock” is the traditional word for the French term “Poussin”, a juvenile chicken. Poussin or Spatchcock were generally butterflied in preparation for faster cooking, hence in modern English the word has come to refer to both the bird and the manner in which it was traditionally prepared. That said I have never cooked Spatchcock before so this should be interesting, might have something on stand by in the case of an epic fail?

I found a little video with Marco Pierre White, it’s 48 seconds long and explains very simply how to butterfly your chicken, link below. As a rule a you would cook your Spatchcock at 180ºc for 30 minutes per 500 grams although ovens do vary, always cook any poultry all the way through. Once you have butterflied your birds lay them flat in a  tray lined with baking papaer , if they don’t sit flat follow the simple instructions in the video on how to…

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