Parsnip & Saffron Soup!

The finished product, parsnip & saffron soup served with a spash of cream!
The finished product, parsnip & saffron soup served with a splash of cream!

Winter is  coming and that means it’s time for roasts and casseroles and stews, slow cooked yummy stuff and my favourite cold weather thing,  soup! Don’t make it complicated , keep it simple with a few key ingredients, good stock and seasoning, done! I never go to the grocer or farmers market with a soup in mind, usually I will base it around whatever is in abundance or in season. You know how the supermarket will bundle over ripe vegetables and fruit together and sell them off for a dollar or two, always check these out. Like my most recent visit, two bags full of chou sum, 2kg tomatoes, four avocados and  sixteen parsnips all for $6.00, all fine, the only exception was one unusable avocado but all other produce was ready to use, so here’s today’s soup, parsnip & saffron….enjoy!

Delicious, versatile parsnips!
Delicious, versatile parsnips!

What you’ll need……..

Large pot to cook your soup!

A mortar and pestle

Olive oil ( not as hot as vegetable oil but tastes better in any soup)

8 parsnips, roughly chopped

4 small or 2 large potatoes, roughly chopped

1 large brown onion, roughly chopped

2 cloves garlic,  crushed

4 cups vegetable or chicken stock

3 – 4 sprigs of thyme

1/2 tsp salt

small pinch of saffron threads


Minimal ingredients!
Minimal ingredients!

How to do it……..

Heat oil over a low to medium heat, add garlic and onion and cook until soft. Add potatoes and snips to the pot along with the stock and thyme. Using the mortar and pestle bash saffron and salt gently and add to the pot. Bring to the boil and then simmer until vegetables are soft. Cool slightly the using a drum sieve, stick blender or food processor blitz soup until smooth.

Serve in a large bowl with a splash of cream, a sprinkle of freshly cracked pepper and a crusty warm bread roll for lunch or a light supper…..enjoy!



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