Simple Steak!

Great family dinners created by you!
Great family dinners created by you!

This is another meal that is surprisingly cheap and easy to make. Healthy good looking food doesn’t have to be expensive or do you need to be a qualified chef to make it, it just takes a bit of planning and good choices at the supermarket to make great  value delicious meals at home. This one is basically three parts  steak, vegetables and jus or sauce. This recipe as with all of my recipes is based on a family of four, well three and a half you might say, my boy even at 5 years old still eats like a little birdy, $7.00 per person which is about $25 cheaper than a pub steak, this is a dish I guarantee you will cook over and over again!

Baby carrots & petite parsnips!

Baby carrots & petite parsnips!

What you’ll need……

Steak, I have used eye fillet because it was on special but any good cut of steak like scotch fillet or porterhouse will be great!

6 -8  large flat mushrooms, cleaned free of dirt

4 parsnips, peeled and washed

8 baby carrots, washed

4 baby capsicums, all seeds removed , I used baby reds because they were marked down but any capsicums will do!

1 -2 tbsp vegetable oil

salt & pepper

Baby red capsicums!
Baby red capsicums!

For the red wine jus……..

good splash of olive oil

2 garlic cloves crushed

1 white or brown onion, peeled and chopped roughly

1/2 tsp of  thyme leaves, fresh or dried

1/3 cup red wine

1 cup beef stock

A big knob of butter ( how you ahem….measure your knob is up to you)

How d to do it…….

Preheat oven to 190°C, place mushrooms, parsnips, carrots and capsicums in a large bowl, add 1 tbsp vegetable oil and sprinkle salt & pepper, toss to coat all veggies. Place onto a baking tray and into the oven. Cook for about 20 minutes then turn over and cook for another 10 -20 until tender and starting to really brown on the edges.

While vegetables are cooking away you can make your sauce or jus. Using a saucepan on a low heat add a splash of olive oil, garlic and onions, sauté until soft add thyme leaves and cook for another minute. Turn the heat up to high and add red wine, cook until reduced by about half then add the knob of butter and the stock. Bring to the boil and cook until your jus is reduced and becomes thicker, usually takes about 15 minutes, add salt and pepper to taste and strain though a sieve, put aside in a microwave safe jug and cover.

Heat a frying pan or skillet on high until it just starts to smoke, prepare your steaks before you place them into the hot pan, cut off any excess fat,  drizzle with olive oil and season with salt & pepper, cook to your  liking then set aside to rest. Meat should always be rested for half of the cooking time, so if you cooked meat  for 10 minutes, rest the meat for 5 minutes.

Plate your beautifully cooked steak and tender veggies however you like, give the jus a quick reheat in the microwave and  drizzle over your dish. Family dinners can be the best part of your day,  I usually put on my favourite tune or radio station and relax, cooking is great therapy and we all need a little bit that, oh and a glass of wine too, I always use wine when cooking! Oh and by the way, you’re welcome!










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